Banco Chinchorro is the largest formation of the mesoamerican barrier reef located 30 km off the coast of Mahahual. Its three islands and surrounding waters are protected as a biosphere reserve making it a divers' and snorkellers' paradise. El Bucanero del Caribe, in partnership with Chinchorro´s tourism cooperative (Paraiso del Caribe), organizes trips to Chinchorro in their 33-foot boat equipped for scuba diving. The trip runs from 9am to 6pm allowing time for snorkelling or scuba diving in 2-3 areas and a trip to one of the island's fishing communities for lunch and a rest. Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve is not a mass tourism destination and remains wild, pristine and unspoiled for vacationers in search of a unique adventure. more information >>

Buccaneer's Anchor
Old Light House
The Aquarium
The 40 canons
The Stairs

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